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Public Issues Forum 2006
Sponsored by: Libertarian Action Network - www.libact.net
Saturday April 29 - 12:00-5:30pm
Free Admission
Cobb County Central Library 266 Roswell St. Marietta, Georgia 30060

The public is invited to attend this special public issues forum. Hear leaders from various local organizations discuss topics that affect you and your tax dollars. Bring a friend! Tell your neighbors! It’s FREE! Reserve your seat now. Limited seating. All are welcome!

For more information and to reserve your seats send email: libactnet@yahoo.com
James Bell : 404.452.4668 : P.0. Box 582 Austell, Ga. 30168

Issues on the Agenda:

12:15 – 1:15 Choices in Education – Raising the Bar
David Chastain, Libertarian Party of Cobb, will lead a discussion on Education in Georgia. Why is Georgia on the bottom in national test scores? How do we dig ourselves out? Will spending 65% of funding in classrooms really make a difference? What choices do we have? Q&A

David Chastain, husband, father, Christian, Libertarian Freedom Fighter. Presently he is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Cobb County, Georgia and founder of Cobb County Taxpayers Association. David has announced he is running for Georgia State Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Chastain’s network crosses all political and social lines. The man to watch in Cobb!

1:15 -2:15 Drugs, Jails and Tax Dollars
Jay Fisher, a state’s attorney and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), will expose America’s failing drug policy. What options do we have? What does the War on Drugs cost taxpayers? Treatment vs. Punishment? Re-legalization? Q&A

Jay Fisher is an assistant attorney general, handling post-conviction matters on behalf of the prosecution. He has been involved in numerous murder appeals of both local and national prominence. In his late-twenties, Jay reached a crossroads in his life where he had to make a decision on his stance regarding government power. On the one hand, he held very strong law-and-order personal views, and even applied for federal law enforcement positions with the F.B.I. and D.E.A. However, he also held very strong positions on issues such as government spending, bureaucratic waste and individual liberty. In the end, he opted for liberty, freedom and an end to government intrusion.

2:15 – 2:30 Break / Refreshments / Sponsors Needed!

2:30 – 3:30 Ballot Access – More Ballot Choices
Garland Favorito, a leader in ballot access reform, will expose Georgia laws that restrict fair access for 3rd parties and independent candidates. Learn what candidates must do to get on a Georgia ballot and what you can do to lobby to change it. Q&A

Garland Favorito is an independent computer consultant who became concerned about government corruption after viewing and verifying the accuracy of videos about the murders of Vince Foster, Kevin Ives and Don Henry. When he realized that a cover-up of these and other serious crimes were linked to Clinton administrations, he planned and helped organize America's first National Impeachment Town Hall. After the Republican leadership protected Bill Clinton from facing the more serious charges that initiated the impeachment movement, Garland decided to find out why. His remarkable findings are published in his book, Our Nation Betrayed, available from Epic Books.

3:30 – 4:30 “This land is your land… sort of…”
Mark Meeks, flower shop owner, will tell his story of how the city of Stockbridge, Ga. undermined their property rights and how he and his wife are fighting city hall. From small town shop owners to property rights freedom fighters, the Meeks made national and international news because of a government power called Eminent Domain. Will Georgia’s new laws protect us? Should we vote YES in Nov.? Q&A

News: Stockbridge Florist and Gifts owner Mark Meeks has won a court battle to keep his store. With no help from the State Legislature, a judge ruled that the city cannot take their property. The judge mentioned that the plan the City of Stockbridge, Georgia has in mind is not related to public use. The City is appealing the discussion.

4:30 – 5:30 Face Time! 2006 Candidates:
Meet & Greet – Speeches – News Conference -
All political parties and independent candidates for state and local offices will be given an opportunity to introduce themselves and give their best stump speech. Candidates must confirm in advance. Members of media welcome. Photo opportunities. Open to all!

6:00-7:00 “Dinner and a Beer” at Nick’s Place (Back Porch) on Whitlock Ave. Marietta, GA

(Please forward this notice to your list – post on Blogs – send to media)

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